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Aster Coir Doormat

The scintillating design of our “Aster” doormat, with its toothed purple blooms reaching outward from a bright yellow center, is
P2176 Butterfly EU flat

Butterfly Coir Doormat

Visitors to your home won’t be able to keep their eyes off our intricate and breathtaking new “Butterfly” design, featuring

Cat Face Coir Doormat

Your visitors will be happy to cross paths with our cat-shaped “Cat Face” doormat, especially when they see the friendly

Cursive Welcome Coir Doormat

Show your guests how welcome they are at your home with the smart stylings of this classic greeting on a

Elephant Coir Doormat

This charming elephant dazzles with a distinctive South Asian design aesthetic.

Flamingos Coir Doormat

The curving necks and heads of our titular “Flamingos” form a heart as each adoring bird stands on one leg

Golden Pineapple Coir Doormat

“Golden Pineapple” sports the titular noble fruit, a global symbol of hospitality and warmth, atop thick, wavy black and beige
P2177 Our Happy Place EU flat

Happy Place Coir Doormat

With its simple-yet-appealing text and accompanying arrows, our “Happy Place” mat delivers the message that your visitors have arrived somewhere

Just For Your Home Coir Doormat

Our disarmingly simple “Just For Your Home” mat is designed to enhance any doorway with just the right balance of
P2021 Labyrinth EU flat

Labyrinth Coir Doormat

The bold, classic interlacing design of our “Labyrinth” doormat pops from a rich green background.

Like Home Coir Doormat

Returning family members and cherished friends alike will always be reminded that there is indeed no place like home with

Locking Circles Coir Doormat

The intricate and mesmerising interlocking circles of this design will bring geometric artistry to any front step.