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Annabelle Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

Treat your guests to the bold, classic allure of our “Annabelle” mat when they arrive at your doorstep. The simple

Brick Stripes Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

The smart red lines of this doormat add bold flair to any doorway. This classic design is sure to catch

Chevron Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

This beautifully designed handwoven doormat will enhance your entryway or patio. It’s made from the highest quality all-natural coconut fiber.

Geometric Pattern Weather Beater Polypropylene Mat

This distinctive design from combines two characteristics that make it an ideal floor or doormat. Crafted to meet the industry’s

Golden Pineapple Coir Doormat

“Golden Pineapple” sports the titular noble fruit, a global symbol of hospitality and warmth, atop thick, wavy black and beige
P2021 Labyrinth EU flat

Labyrinth Coir Doormat

The bold, classic interlacing design of our “Labyrinth” doormat pops from a rich green background.

Locking Circles Coir Doormat

The intricate and mesmerising interlocking circles of this design will bring geometric artistry to any front step.
P2212 Nodus EU flat

Nodus Coir Doormat

Three bands of angled and curving lines woven together in intricate patterns drape across the natural coir of our distinctive
9103W Pineapple Trellis EU flat

Pineapple Trellis Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

Our “Pineapple Trellis” mat takes this enduring symbol of hospitality and combines it with a sophisticated ogee pattern, making an

Rainbow Coir Doormat

This doormat featuring multicolor stripes offers a classic yet exciting way to welcome family and friends through your doorway.

Rhombi Coir Doormat

Put some geometric flair at your doorstep with the striking black-and-white diamond pattern of our eye-catching “Rhombi” mat.

Ring Formations Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

All eyes will be drawn to the compelling geometric pattern of our “Ring Formations” mat, with circles and lines forming